1. Question:     How do I activate my Self-care account?-Follow this link for the activation process?     Answer:https://kisiiuniversity.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/61000275218-student-selfcare-account-activation-process

  2. Question: I cannot see the verification link in my email?
    Answer: Please check your junk/spam folder in your university email.    

  1. Question: The verification link says Invalid token?
    Answer: Go to the initial login page and request another link.

  1. Question: How will I know I have been approved?
    Answer: A confirmation message will be sent to your university email once we approve.

  1. Question: I cannot see the submit button?
    Answer: Once you have submitted once it will not be visible again. Just update the details and they will automatically synch in the system.

  1. Question: What is my corporate university email?
    Answer: This is the official email provided by the university as appears on your admission letter, it comprises of your registration/admission number without the (/) symbol @kisiiuniversity.ac.ke e.g if  MR12/20030/20 is your registration number then……..MR122003020@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke will be your corporate University email.

  1. Question: I don’t have a university email?
    Answer: Send a request to ictsupport@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke and attach a copy of your admission letter.

  1. Question: How do I log in to my corporate university email?
    Answer: Go to the Gmail platform, enter your university email in full, your default password is your index number/year of exam. e.g. 12343454546/2019

  1. Question: My Credentials do not exist in self-care?
    Answer: Send inquiry to ictsupport@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke for help.

  1. Question: My credentials do not match in self-care?
    Answer: Reset the password on self-care. It will send a reset link to your university email. Log in to the university email and click the link for you to log in to self-care. If you do not see the link in the inbox please check for it in the junk/spam folder.

  1. Question: It says the wrong password when I try logging in
    Answer: Go to https://selfcare.kisiiuniversity.ac.ke, click on login, select reset password    

  1. Question: I cannot update my payment details on self-care.
    Answer: Scan and upload a soft copy of the payment receipt. Fill the receipt number 

  1. Question: I have multiple payment receipts.
    Answer: Scan them all together as one document and attach it.

  1. Question: I have a cheque. How will I pay the fees using it?
    Answer: Make a copy of the cheque and upload it to your payment details point on self-care. Send the original cheque as a parcel to Kisii University Central Registry via G4S. Ensure the cheque is accompanied by a letter from the benefactor indicating who the beneficiary is.

  1. Question: Can I be admitted without full fees?
    Answer: You are required to complete your first semester’s fee 

  1. Question: When can I change the course?
    Answer: After the admission process is completed, we shall notify you of how you will do it.

  1. Question: If I fail to join now, what happens?
    Answer: You will defer officially and we shall reserve a spot for you to join us to next September

  1. Question: How do I upload my signature?
    Answer: Scribble a sample on the provided space for us.

  1. Question: I get an Error when updating payment details
    Answer: Don’t put a comma while typing the amount paid.  

  1. Question: I can’t find my sub-county/ward?
    Answer: Send the issue to ictsupport@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke and it will be sorted.